Guaranteed Rent / Guaranteed Sale

Are you stuck in negative equity, with a property that won’t sell or wont rent? Consider selling your investment to us at Armson Property. We are a panel of experienced property investors looking for buildings that we can purchase within 48 months of a sale agreement. We can offer you guaranteed rent Paid as soon as 4 weeks This includes- No voids Long term lease agreement with Armson property as your corporate tenant Guaranteed payments every month Hands off management during the interim including safety certificates All associated legal costs covered by us A sale agreed from day one to Armson property ABOVE asking price. Plus, our expert maintenance and renovations team will carry out renovations! Immediate income. immediate above market sale agreement. No upfront costs. No management costs, No renovation costs
What you get –
  • Above market price on your property
  • Immediate income
  • Negative equity cleared
  • Management fees covered whilst the property
  • All legal fees including solicitor’s fees covered by us
  • No advertising costs
  • No upfront costs
What do we do –
  • Take over immediate management of your property
  • Pay up to 10% above market rates to purchase your property with 48 months
  • Cover all debt and outgoings in the meantime
  • Pay all the vendors fees associated with the sale
  • Modernise your property free of charge
To help landlords with problem properties we are able to make payments immediately, We will step in, cover all costs and carry out renovations at our cost.

How does it work?

After our expert team has conducted a site meeting, we will instruct some official surveys.

We will then with the aid of our appointed legal team create a formal offer to purchase your building up to 10% above market price.
Once accepted and contracts are in place, we will immediately take control of the building and take care of any outgoings

We will maintain, manage and renovate the property on the landlord’s behalf until the point of sale

We will purchase your property using a Lease option agreement

Within 48 months, we will ‘exercise’ the option to purchase at up to 10% above market value. (purchase price agreed at the point that we take over)

What’s in it for us?

We stay completely transparent at Armson property we would like to ensure that we are both completely comfortable and happy throughout the whole process.

The benefits for us –

  • Potentially some growth on the market value within 48 months
  • The potential to gain some rental income before the option to purchase has been exercised
  • Some great advertisement through ‘word of mouth’ recommendation.

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