Maintenance and Reporting

At Armson property we believe that communication is the key. We will ensure that we work with you to conduct maintenance and resolve any faults.

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Details on scheduled maintenance can be obtained by contacting the office [email protected]

Emergency Contact

In an emergency, call us on 01702-748923

Gas Leaks

If you smell gas call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

Water Leaks

To report a leak outside your property boundary, call Thames Water on 0800 714 614.

Power Cut

To report a power cut, call UK Power Networks on 105 or 0800 3163 105.

General Maintenance Information

Depending on the type of property on our books, we may carry out weekly cleaning, quarterly inspections and annual maintenance. Any such appointments will be pre agreed between Armson property and the tenant to ensure harmonised working.

You can expect for a booking to made at a preferred time slot for the tenant, and one of our team or a contractor to maintain a social distance with ID and branded uniforms.
Occasionally repairs may be required in your home or workplace.
Please be aware that you may be responsible for some of these repairs.
We are responsible for looking after the structure of buildings and communal areas.
You are responsible for your making sure you have home contents insurance

Examples of what you, and what we may be responsible for


What you are responsible for:

  • Looking after its condition
  • connecting and repairing your own appliances i.e., washing machines, cookers and other white goods clearing blocked sinks
  • repairing damaged kitchen worktops, where the damage is caused by you
  • Changing fluorescent light tubes and starters.

We will:

  • replace tap washers
  • repair trip hazards to the kitchen flooring we have provided
  • replace detached or snapped unit hinges, drawer fronts, runners and backs
  • replace kitchen units, worktops and seals
  • replace sealant around your kitchen sink
  • fix or replace extractor fans, pull cords and cooker ventilation hoods if installed by us
  • repair electrical sockets and isolator switches
  • fix and replace cupboard and drawer handles
  • Tighten loose hinges, drawer fronts, runners and backs.

Bathroom & Toilet

What you are responsible for:

  • keeping the bathroom and toilet in good condition
  • containing leaks and preventing water damage
  • clearing a blocked flush toilet, sink, bath and hand basin
  • replacing the toilet seat lid and hinges
  • replacing bath and sink plugs, chains and general cleaning
  • descaling or replacing shower heads and hoses
  • replacing accessories such as mirrors, rails/curtains, riser rods, toilet roll holders, towel rails and cabinets
  • repairing or replacing WC and bathroom door locks
  • replacing light bulbs.

We will:

  • attend to and repair leaks
  • repair or replace basin and bath taps
  • repair or replace showers that we have installed
  • repair or replace toilet flushing mechanisms
  • repair or replace shaver points
  • repair or replace extractor fans and pull cords
  • repair or replace leaking or dripping taps (including mixers) to wash hand basin, bath and sinks
  • repair or replace sealant around bath, shower unit and wash basin.

All Rooms

What you are responsible for:

  • keeping all rooms clean and in good condition
  • redecorating i.e., painting and wallpaper – decoration must be pre-approved by Armson Property
  • preventing condensation, treating and cleaning mold
  • reporting a crime reference when reporting repairs caused by vandalism i.e., smashed windows

We will:

  • repair large cracks and severely crumbling surfaces
  • repair penetrative and rising damp
  • complete major structural repairs
  • repair handrails and banisters for stairs.

Heating & Water

What you are responsible for:

  • giving us access for a gas service every year if there is a gas supply to your home
  • reporting a gas leak to The National Grid by calling 0800 111 999
  • contacting Thames Water if you have problems with your water supply
  • clearing drain and waste pipe blockages
  • Reporting problems with lateral drains and private and shared sewers to your water or sewage company.

We will:

  • repair your heating system if it breaks down
  • repair or replace radiators and storage heaters
  • fix water leaks from your heating system and tanks
  • fix leaking pipework
  • fix storage tanks and water cylinders
  • clear the stack in blocks if there is a blockage
  • repair or replace cracked or collapsed drains that are not the water or sewage company’s responsibility


What you are responsible for:

  • replacing light bulbs and tubes in your own home
  • replacing batteries and fuses
  • replacing TV aerials (unless communal)
  • changing batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • testing and maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide alarms which you have fitted
  • your own appliances and testing that they’re not causing other electrical problems
  • reporting faults with utility meters to utility suppliers
  • arranging for a qualified person to connect and repair your appliances
  • Allowing access for electrical testing.

We will:

  • repair or replace mains, fuses and power plug sockets in your home
  • repair or replace faulty light fittings and switches
  • repair or replace extractor fans and pull cords
  • repair or replace hard-wired doorbells
  • repair or replace hard-wired and battery smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • repair electrical hazards such as exposed or sparking wires and system shortages.

Doors and Windows

What you are responsible for:

  • keeping the doors and windows in good condition, and wiping away moisture
  • ventilating your home and preventing condensation
  • arranging access to your home, if you are locked out or have lost your keys
  • repairing or replacing door chains, door numbers and secondary locks
  • keeping internal doors, handles and latches in good condition
  • oiling catches and hinges
  • replacing broken glass, where you caused the damage
  • internal window cleaning (houses or flats), external window cleaning (houses only)
  • weather strips to external doors and draught excluders
  • Maintaining doors, i.e., not installing spy holes, cat flaps or letter boxes.

We will:

  • repair or replace unsecure external doors, frames and panels
  • repair or replace fire doors due to wear and tear
  • repair or replace windows that do not open or close.


What you are responsible for:

  • keeping your garden tidy and carrying out any tree works in your garden
  • weeding paths, paving and driveways
  • maintaining, repairing and replacing garden fences, dividing fences between you and your neighbor and gates, repairing any defective ironmongery, catches and bolts

We will:

  • repair any boundary fence that borders on a public area only
  • take action when there is a significant health and safety issue
  • repair trip hazards in paths, paving and driveways
  • repair or replace unsafe garden walls and brick sheds
  • repair or replace roofs, chimneys, guttering and downpipes
  • remove Japanese knotweed
  • Carry out work to trees where they are dead, diseased or dangerous.


What you are responsible for:

  • keeping the inside of your home clean and disposing of rubbish appropriately to avoid attracting pests
  • treating mice and other pests within your home (i.e., rats, ants, cockroaches and silverfish)
  • Reporting any bees or wasps’ nests to your local council.

We will:

  • Treat pests that are a communal problem and carry out pest proofing.

Emergency Repairs

We will attend and complete or make safe emergency repairs within 24 hours. Any follow up work will be raised as a new job and dealt with in line with our routine repair process.
  • Burst pipes, flooding or a serious water leak inside your home (if the problem is outside the boundary of your property, please contact your water supplier)
  • Blocked drains that need immediate attention
  • Total loss of electricity, gas or water
  • A gas leak or a carbon monoxide incident
  • A potentially hazardous electrical fault
  • Making a property secure, for example after break-in, or a broken front door or unsecure communal entrance doors to blocks
  • Making safe window glazing
  • Complete loss of heating or hot water
  • Failure of warden call system
  • Smoke detector not working (not including batteries)
  • Lift breakdown
  • A fire

Do have a maintenance issue?

To report any maintenance issues please click the button below
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